Academic Scholarship - 103year of 9th

Purpose of Award
LearningTech Corp. wishes to encourage academic research in intellectual property related topics in Taiwan and promote industry application. Thus, it established the Intellectual Property Graduate Academic Scholarship. It is hoped this sponsorship can create awareness and enhance the level of intellectual property in Taiwan.

Award Category
Any dissertation relating to intellectual property and intellectual capital.

Applicant Qualification
Doctorial and Master’s graduate students attending public and private universities in Taiwan. Applicants should not be receiving any another sponsorship for the same thesis.

Application Documents
1. Application Form(Attachment)
2. Declaration (Attachment)(Attachment)
3. Photocopy of Valid Student ID Card (Both Front and Back)
4. Four copies of the proposal signed by the student’s thesis advisor and approved by
 the academic department. One electronic copy in CD-ROM format.

Project Proposal
Within 50p and consist of the items :

  1. Thesis topic.
  2. Research motivation and
  3. Research method.
  4. Research framework.
  5. Research area and
  6. Current project progress.
  7. References
  8. Name of thesis advisor
    and signature.

Application Method
Applications need to be postmarked before the end of December, 2014. The evaluation will take place between January, 2015 and April, 2015. Winners will be announced before mid-May, 2015.

Number of Awards / Monetary Value
1. 50,000 TWD will be awarded to all those who received a score of 90% or higher during the evaluation.
2. 3 awards for excellence, valued at 5000 TWD each, will be given to applicants who received a score lower than 90%.

Receiving the Award
Once the winners list has been confirmed, recipients will be notified and receive 35% of the award. The remaining of the award will be issued once five hardback copies of their final thesis and an additional electronic copy on CDROM, along with a photocopy of the recipient’s degree certificate and national identification card are received. Once these are verified, the remaining 65% of the award will be released.

Application Deadline
Application Deadline: December 31st, 2014(by postmark)

1. Award recipients can receive products and services from LearningTech free of charge to complete their thesis.
2. Master’s recipients must complete their master’s thesis within two years of the award announcement.
 Doctorial recipients must complete their doctoral thesis within three years of the award announcement.
 Two hardback copies of the thesis should be provided to LearningTech.
3. Award recipients who may have legitimate reason may apply to LearningTech two months before the deadline in writing to extend
 the deadline by 6 to 12 months. Only one extension request may be requested. Failure to complete the thesis before the deadline
 will result in the award being forfeited.
4. Award recipients need to complete their thesis according to points 2 & 3, and submit hardback copies of their thesis to
 LearningTech August 31st or Feburary 15th of each year. Failure to do so would result in the award being forfeited.
5. The award will be forfeited if the thesis title or research topic has been modified. LearningTech will not release any of
  the award under these conditions.
6. The text “This thesis was sponsored by LearningTech Corp” should appear on the front cover or the first page of the thesis.
7. Award recipients should present their thesis at LearningTech’s annual Research Achievement Seminar.