InnoVue LTD. has long continued to make significant investments in product development to achieve technical leadership and provide our clients with reliable products. We are among the most innovative product development companies in our industry. Our key R&D projects have received numerous government R&D grants and resulted in the issuance of numerous patents that demonstrate their innovativeness. Our products are used by clients from the industry, government, academia, and research institutions. Thousands of customers and more than 10,000 users rely on our products. We also invest heavily to promote the general awareness of intellectual property and organize various intellectual property training programs. Over the years, we have gained extensive experience in training intellectual property professionals through providing more than 1200 intellectual property training sessions.

Core Competencies

The core competitive competencies of InnoVue are: (1) IP - Professional Intellectual Property Solutions; (2) IT - Strong Information Technology Capability; (3) KM – Effective Knowledge Management Services. InnoVue is composed of a tight knit, highly experienced team of professionals. More than 50% of our team members have more than 5 years of industry experience and more than 60% of our team members hold a master’s degree or higher. InnoVue invests heavily in employee training. More than 95% of our employees have successfully completed Patent Engineer training programs. Our employees also receive information technology training. Employees are encouraged to develop their individual technical capabilities. We are among a handful of companies that make serious investments in our employees’s careers.

Degrees in C.S.
Patent Engineer
More 5 Years
Master Degree

Corporate Philosophy

InnoVue LTD. has been an active participant in Taiwan’s Intellectual Property Industry for more than 15 years, enabling us to gain extensive experience in the industry. We actively invest in developing innovative products in “Intellectual Property Management”, “Intellectual Property Database and Patent information search Analytics”, and “Establishing Intellectual Property Regimes and Consultancy Services”, providing comprehensive intellectual property services to assist our clients in avoiding patent infringements, and developing capabilities to defend against patent infringement claims. As a result, our clients are able to accelerate the development of their industrial technology capabilities and global competitiveness.