• Create and Record Contract Proposals
  • Manage Contract Type and Approval Process
  • Management of Contract Value Records
  • Management of Important Contract Term and Conditions
  • Contract Case Association Configuration
  • Automated Auditor Assignment Mechanism
  • Contract Document Attachment (Multi File) File Upload and Maintenance
  • Joint Approval Request (Multi User)

  • Approval of Contract Terms and Conditions
  • Management Approval Configuration (Multi Level)
  • Record of Examination and Approval Comments
  • Examination Process History
  • Update Contract
  • Contract Document Attachment (Multi File) File Upload and Maintenance
  • Joint Approval (Multi User)

  • Examine Contract Terms and Conditions (In Formality)
  • Generate Legal Department Case Number
  • Assign or Change Approval Personnel
  • Configure Joint Contract Examination
  • Send Contract to Contract Examiner’
  • Reject/Send Notification E-mail
  • Record of Comments
  • Approval Process History
  • Update Contract
  • Contract Document Attachment (Multi File) File Upload and Maintenance

  • Approve Contract Terms and Conditions (Factual Content / Previous Comments)
  • Reject Contract / Alert E-mail
  • Joint Approval (Multi User)
  • Joint Approval Process Record (View Only)
  • Record of Comments
  • Approval Process History
  • Update Contract
  • Contract Document Attachment (Multi File) File Upload and Maintenance

  • Contract Signing Record
  • Contract Finalization
  • Contract Attachment Management
  • Scanned Contract File Management
  • Generate Legal Department Case Number
  • Show Number of Signing Contracts (or Unsigned Contracts)
  • Close Request in System

  • Auditing Configuration for Important Terms
  • Tracking Configuration for in Process Conditions
  • Warning Management: Time, Number of People, Time Cycle, Frequency
  • Auditing/Tracking Terms (Attachment Management)
  • Document Relationship Management

  • Historical Case Filing
  • Case Processing Statistics
  • Project Management Statistics
  • Analysis of Contract Examiner Case Officers
  • List of Automatic Renewing Contracts
  • Application Analysis by Department

  • A perfectly designed contract process management engine: Perfect Process, Perfectly Fits the Contract Management Workflow Needs of Enterprises.
  • Accessible via a web-based interface. Personalized design propels users to a higher level of productivity.
  • Carefully designed and yet highly customizable contract approval management.


E.C.S. is a web-based end to end solution for managing contracts. A contract is first proposed on the system, then after passing the multi-level scrutiny of managers and legal department, the system gives approval to apply the company seal/chop on the contract. Then the system continues to track the contract as needed. The process for contract approval is highly customizable and access rights are granted to users via membership in user groups.


E.C.S. consists of an automated contract auditing and tracking mechanism that monitors important contract terms and sends email alerts when needed. Its proactive alerts ensure that task items and processes do not become neglected. Thus, E.C.S. is an enterprises’ best partner in managing contract related workflows.


E.C.S. provides a comprehensive decision analysis management platform. Due to its tight integration with the contract related workflow processes, it accumulates process data and decision related data as workflows progresses through. Also recorded is the time and date when these data are entered. Using this data, E.C.S. can perform many types of analytics and output the results in formats that are straight forward to understand.


E.C.S provides the world’s first contract process workflow. It is designed to manage the process starting from: “Record Important Contract Terms and Conditions”, “Multi-level Contract Approval Period,” “Record Contract Approval Process”, “Contract Version Control”, “Case Approval Notification”, “Configure Case Type Approval Process”, “Automated Examiner Assignment Mechanism”, “Audit Process and its Own Workflow Process”. The dedicated workflow processes in E.C.S. increases the effectiveness of contract processes.


E.C.S. provides a complete and flexible examination process management solution for contracts that makes it especially suited for large enterprises with a large number of personnel. The system accurately records the comments and decisions as entered by each personnel so that the enterprise can be able to adapt to the ever changing business landscape.


E.C.S. is a highly integrated application platform. Not only does it support group access controls, it also receives personnel information from human resource databases periodically. Furthermore, it is tied to the internal system, enabling it to send alerts when needed. Thus, it is able to provide professional and effective services when managing contract related workflows.