InnoVue LTD. has long continued to make significant investments in product development to achieve technical leadership and provide our clients with reliable products. We are among the most innovative product development companies in our industry. Our key R&D projects have received numerous government R&D grants and resulted in the issuance of numerous patents that demonstrate their innovativeness. Our products are used by clients from the industry, government, academia, and research institutions. Thousands of customers and more than 10,000 users rely on our products. We also invest heavily to promote the general awareness of intellectual property and organize various intellectual property training programs. Over the years, we have gained extensive experience in training intellectual property professionals through providing more than 1200 intellectual property training sessions.

List of government program awards received within the past 3 years.

Corporate Patent Portfolio


Document matching system and document matching method


Patent claim evaluation system and method thereof


Method and computer readable article of assisting users to draft patent specification


A patent threat analysis system and a method thereof


Patent scenarios management system and a method for patent scenarios management


Patent technical terms system, method for constructing the patent technical terms system, and computer program product


Patent information search system and method thereof


Patent technical terms system, method for constructing the patent technical terms system, and computer program product


Computer analysis system, method for generating patent family trees, and computer program product


Patent practitioner service system, method, and computer readable medium thereof


Patent selection system, method, and computer program product


Patent analysis system, method, and computer program product


Method for auxiliary writing directions and which computer capable of reading


Patent application range estimation analysis system and method


Method, system for analyzing patent and computer readable recording media

Certificate of Registration as a Technological Service Organization by the IDB

IP Management Services

    IP1 Management Services:

     IP Analysis and Mapping
     IP Strategic Planning
     Management/Utilization System Establishment

MA3 Knowledge Management

    Information Management Service:

     Data Retrieval System
     Document Management System
     Information Portal System
     Automated Classification System
     Text Mining

MA3 Knowledge Management

    Management Technology Service:
     Process Management