• Trademark Registration and Management
  • Configure Trademark Proposal Process
  • Default Events. Due Date Notice.
  • Trademark Type Registration and Management.
  • Trademark File Upload (Multiple Pictures Allowed)
  • Trademark Search
  • Trademark Application Record Management
  • Trademark Proposal Rejection Correction Process
  • Log File Alerts
  • Proposal Statistics

  • Configure Country of Trademark Application
  • Global Trademark Process Definitions
  • Case Type Data Management
  • Trademark Office Information Management
  • Product Category Registration
  • Manage Enterprise Internal Product Catalog
  • Trademark File Upload (Multiple Pictures Allowed)
  • Trademark Application Record Management
  • Trademark Search / Display
  • Log File Alerts
  • Trademark Application Statistics

  • Trademark Fee Management
  • Trademark Maintenance Records
  • Billing Alerts and Management
  • Manage Trademark Ownership Transfer
  • Licensing a Trademark to a Another Party
  • Log File Alerts
  • Trademark Application Statistics

  • Sharing Creative Works (Access Right Control Enabled)
  • Trademark Proposal Database
  • Trademark Approval Database
  • Trademark Disposal Database

Taiwan's contract manufacturing industry is gradually declining, and creating domestic brands is a trend that Taiwan’s industries cannot avoid. In this highly competitive "brand consumption" era, creating a strong and well-known brand requires sophisticated branding strategies. Enterprise Trademark Management System (E.T.S.) is the best computer aided system for enterprise brand management. Its powerful features assist enterprises in acquiring, planning, licensing, and appreciation of the value of the trademark. Let (E.T.S.) handle your trademark worries.

Trouble Free Trademark Management and Double Trademark Value

E.T.S. introduces a smart workflow to manage various trademark needs. Allowing the marketing department to put company resources in better use when developing trademark marketing strategies, trademark positioning, trademark awareness, trademark imaging, and trademark loyalty plans.

Cost Effective Trademark Management Platform

E.T.S. is a powerful and yet flexible trademark management platform. Its ease of use, expandability, reliability, and innovative features makes trademark management simple and effective.

Enhancing the Value of Your Trademark

E.T.S. is the best enterprise trademark solution. Through a systematic management of trademark management workflows, enterprises can receive important information at the appropriate time. This enables enterprises to formulate effective strategies.