Sponsorship Policy

LearningTech Corp has been developing Patent Database Search and Patent Analysis/Management systems since its interception. It is one of the few companies in Taiwan that develops its own software intellectual property. Our system products are used by many satisfied customers. LearningTech is grateful for the support given by the academia, many of which had also provided many product suggestions that enabled us to grow into a leader in providing intellectual property services. Therefore, the president of LearningTech, Steven Lee, established a Patent Analysis Product Research Sponsorship Policy in 2004 to provide friends in the academia with our company’s patent analysis products and services to give our support and care to academia. It is hoped that through this program, research in academia can be more aligned with industry practicalities, and that these research in return can provide inspiration for the industry.

Sponsorship Qualification

Universities and Colleges in Taiwan

Sponsorship Contents


Application Document

  • Application Document(ex:Attachment
  • Photocopy of Valid Student ID Card
     (Both Front and Back)
  • Project Proposal(Paper Printout Only)
  • 250 TWD processing charge(Use postal
     stamps to pay for this charge.
     No other payment method accepted).
  • Application Method

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    Mail:18F/1, No. 11, Sec. 2, Huannan Rd, Ping-Jen District, Taoyuan City , Taiwan

    Terms and Conditions

  • Products and services sponsored by LearningTech Corp. can only be used for academic research, rights are not transferable to any third party. The products and
     services can only be used by the applicant for his/her own academic research and may not be used in any manner by a third party. The products and services can
     only be used for nonprofit purposes.
  • The applicant guarantees that all documents provided to apply for the sponsorship are all valid. In any event that is discovered that the documents provided are
     invalid, all rights to use the product would be terminated immediately. LearningTech Corp. reserves all rights to pursue legal action for, but not limited to, for
     businesses losses that directly and indirectly the result of such activity.
  • The applicant agrees to add the following statement on the cover or the inner cover of his/her research publication: “Software tools used for the research is
     M-Trends Patent information search and Analysis Platform is sponsored by LearningTech Corp.”.
  • The applicant agrees to provide LearningTech Corp. with an electronic copy of the publication for display on the company website within 2 months of completing
     the research.
  • Your licensed product/service can only be deployed within the IP addresses it is licensed for. Do not attempt to install the product on machines not within the
      licensed IP address range. Any attempt to do so will result in a service license conflict. Upon the occurrence of a service license conflict, the corresponding
     serial number of the license will automatically be locked and become unusable.
  • If the applicant violates the above terms, LearningTech Corp will immediately terminate all existing access rights of the applicant and future rights to apply.