• Technology / Product Classification Management
  • Technical Proposal Information Registration Management
  • Upload and Maintain Technical Documents / Attachments (multiple files)
  • Search Technical Documents
  • Deadline / Alert Email
  • Proposal Activity Progress Management

  • Examine Technical Documents
  • Manage Multi-level Management Approval Processes
  • Deadline / Alert Email
  • Upload and Maintain Technical Documents / Attachments (multiple files)
  • Search Technical Documents
  • Analysis of Department / Company Technical Proposals

  • Technical Evaluation and Assessment
  • Manage Meeting Records
  • Upload and Maintain Technical Document / Attachment (multiple files)
  • In Meeting Voting
  • Meeting Record of Events
  • Statistical Analysis of Committee Member Assessments
  • Committee Member List and Data Management

  • Configure Patent Application Process
  • Event Trigger Feature
  • Patent Office Information Management
  • Configuring Information Display Setting
  • Establish Priority Databases
  • Create Citation Document Information
  • Classification Management
  • Application Process Management
  • Deadline/Alert Notification E-mail
  • Technical Document Search

  • Establishing Transfer / Authorization Data
  • Patent Maintenance Evaluation and Analysis
  • Event Record Management
  • Deadline / Alert Management Email
  • Search for Technical Documents
  • Manage/Maintain Event Triggers
  • Annual Fee Management
  • Patent Lifecycle Management
  • Patent Fee Management
  • Patent Commercialization Management

  • Trade Secret Database
  • Approved Patent Database
  • Public Patent Database
  • Pre-application Patent Database
  • Patent Application Database
  • Rejected Technical Proposals Database
  • Abandoned Patents Database
  • Database of Patent Applications in Administrative Remedy
  • Database of Disputed Patents

  • Achieving Perfection – 5 main modules are designed to align with general patent application and management processes. Satisfies compressive patent management requirements.
  • Developed with the Latest Technology – Developed a Web-based Platform for Managing the Sharing of Internal R&D Development to Promote Creativity.
  • Broad and In-depth Intelligence – Displays Patent Evaluation/Utilization Information and Effectively Manages Costs while Reducing Wasted R&D Expenses.

The Best Total-Solution

E.P.S. Provides a comprehensive solution for managing patents, starting from: the submission of technical proposal by R&D staff, patentability evaluation process, global patent applications, maintenance of patents, and strategic use of patents. Our solution outrivals any competing solutions and places emphasis on tracking technical results of internal R&D and sharing them among internal R&D personnel to promote creativity, reuse, and feedback. Overtime, clients using our solution increase their competitiveness.

High Efficiency

E.P.S. provides an automated monitoring mechanism that keeps track of all relevant processes: from patent management process to issuing operation requirements/deadline alerts via email that effectively and easily manages patent processes and events without delay.

Decision-Making Helper

E.P.S. provides R&D/intellectual property decision analysis platform. Through the management process offered by this platform, it can generate statistical analysis reports that provide a basis for senior management to evaluate the cost & benefit of R&D investment, and revenue from patent portfolios. The platform also provides intellectual property units/departments with information to evaluate the cost effectiveness of R&D activities.

Excellent Application Performance

E.P.S. provides a flexible and complete patent process configuration tool allowing enterprises to create customized processes for internal use according to actual requirements. Templates are provided for the patent application process of supported countries. Assistance will be provided to customize the process for internal use. The value of statistical analysis data generated from the use of the system further enhance the benefit of using the system. Furthermore, the process control of this system greatly minimizes the risk of losses due to the personal negligence of employee.

Intelligent Data Integration

E.P.S. provides a highly integrated application platform. It can refresh organizational data at regular intervals to ensure proper access rights. When combined with personnel data, electronic process management system can simplify and enhance internal approval processes.

Innovation-Sharing Platform

E.P.S. provides a powerful integrated platform that can be used not only to manage patent application processes, but also be used to share technical knowledge among authorized personnel. Such internal sharing provides positive feedback that further simulates technical innovation to increase the enterprise’s technical capability. Unlock the value of technical knowledge and innovations to maximize the value of creativity.